Pool Options

Swimming Pool FinancingElite Weiler Pools offers a full line of selections to customize and complement your swimming pool.

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Pool Cleaning Systems

Elite Weiler Pools is the exclusive installer for the PCC2000 by Paramount Pools, the only in-floor circulation and cleaning system with a “99% Clean and ready to swim guarantee”. Paramount Pools, the world’s largest manufacture of pool equipment, has entrusted Elite Weiler Pools as the only pool company in the area to install its patented system because of our long history of quality installation and high customer satisfaction. Click on the video below to see how this exclusive technology could be the most important selection you make regarding your new pool. Guide to Pool Care.

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A spa is one of the most appreciated parts of your swimming pool. It can be therapeutic, relaxing and entertain your guests.

Garden Features, Planters and Custom Design Elements

Elite Weiler Pools can handle all types of elements that surround your pool. Our construction team has the experience to handle projects of any size and complexity including outdoor kitchens, custom patio areas, and fountains.

Outdoor Living

Pavers, Decking and Coping

There are hundreds of options for your decking from brick to high end pavers.



Wedding cake steps are a nice feature in any pool because they have no sharp corners hidden under the water. Sunshelves can be combined with steps and tile features make steps more visible.

Beach Entries and Sun Shelves

In hot weather a beach entry is especially nice so you can ease into the cool water slowly. A sun shelf is a shallow part of your pool which allows you to stay cool while you go for that bronzed look.

Deck Jets and Sprayers

Deck Jets and sprayers are an interesting water feature which can be adjusted to your taste in terms of location and pressure.

Infinity Edge or Invisible Edge or  Disappearing Edge

Invisible edges are a particularly nice feature to add to luxury swimming pools and are especially nice where there is a view.

Swimouts, Benches and Tables

Swimouts and benches are an easy way to provide extra ways to get in and out of your swimming pool. Tables and benches provide comfort for hanging out and entertaining in the pool.

Sheer Descents, Scuppers, and Spills

Sheer descents are a very attractive water feature. Spills add a nice ambiance with the sound of water flowing over various surfaces. Scuppers can be concealed (covered) or open. They are a nice touch to make your pool and spa more interesting.

Fountains and Sconces

Tile and Mozaics

Tile can be incorporated into many aspects of your pool and surroundings including decking, walls, pool bottoms, spas, and more.

Grottoes and Rock Features

Cages and Fencing

Solar Heating Systems